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  • How can I track the status of my order?
    Upon the start of work, we will send you a link to a project management software where you can have an overview of the current flow of your track your order. Or, if you prefer, contact us at +639778502357 or email at your most convenient time.
  • Vision and Mission of Manila Consultants
    Our VISION is to develop a business model that can provide quality and consistent consulting services to SME's and start-up in the Philippines and for our MISSION is to make doing business in the Philippines simple and affordable.
  • What is a TIN?
    TIN stands for Tax Identification Number. Whether natural or juridical, any person required by the BIR to make or file a tax return, statement, or other documents shall be supplied with or assigned a TIN. For Individuals, this is applied by submitting a form and supporting documents to the BIR
  • Do you offer a free consultation? 
    Yes. You may call +639778502357 or email,and we will be happy to help you with any of your business concerns.
  • As a non-Filipino citizen, can I form a company in the Philippines?
    Yes, but there are some limitations. For instance, foreign entities cannot own land, although they can lease them. There are also industries where foreign ownership is wholly restricted or capped. For example, only Filipino citizens can register a retail business, with a few exceptions. Please contact us at +639778502357 or email,and we will be happy to help you get the process started.
  • How to set up an account with Manila Consultants?
    On the top left corner of your computed screen, you will find a "log in" icon. For mobile user click on 3 line symbol "≡" or menu bar icon to see the log in page Click on the icon and fill out the sign-up page or you may also sign up via Google or Facebook account. Also, when you place an order, an account is automatically created for you.
  • What are By-Laws, and do I need them?
    Bylaws are the written rules and regulations used to govern a business. Bylaws are required if you organize your business as a partnership or corporation. Manila Consultants can help you with this requirement.
  • How can you help me with my business?
    Your Manila Consultants is simplifying the process of getting business up, running and bringing down the cost of hiring professionals to help entrepreneurs set up and run their companies, take a look at our business profile here.
  • How can I schedule an appointment meeting?
    You may order a business consultation by clicking on this link: You may also contact us at +639778502357 or email, and we will be happy to help you with any of your business concerns.
  • Where are you located
    One Global Place 25th Street & 5th Avenue Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
  • In what city do you operate?
    Manila Consultants have operations in the whole country. Our business model allows us to do so because we have signed up professional legal and business consultants all over the Philippines.
  • How can I get a quotation for the entire business suite and government expenses?
    After you sign up, we create an account for you. After that, Manila Consultants will contact you in no more than 24 hours. After asking you a set of questions on the details of your business, such as business activities, type of business organization, capitalization, and head office location, we should be able to quote you the total fees. Although, given the regular updating of local government fees, we may have to call the Office of the Mayor's Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) for validation.
  • When do I need a Registered Agent?
    Naming an individual as your company's registered agent is necessary for incorporating a branch office or representative office of a foreign-registered corporation. A registered agent's primary role is to receive formal correspondence between government agencies and your business. The Manila Consultant registered agent service is designed to provide organizations of all types and sizes with an affordable and professional option to fulfill their registered agent requirements. Our registered agent services are available in all cities. If you have a question about the specifics of this arrangement, feel free to email or contact us at +639778502357.
  • How soon can you process my orders?
    Orders are processed as they are received. However, clients may select Express Processing or Same Day Processing ,and we will have their orders processed before Standard Processing orders.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    Manila Consultants accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, checks, and wire transfers with routing numbers or SWIFT Codes to make payment as easy as possible. Please contact us by email or at +639778502357 if you have any questions about cost.
  • Do you offer packaged services?
    Yes. You may click on this link for choices:
  • Aside from your published service rates, are there other fees I need to pay for your professional services?
    No. You paid the total price for your order for business filings when you placed it.  However, depending on the type of business you wish to register, you will have to disburse cash to bear the registration costs with either the SEC or DTI, plus the fees payable to the Mayor's Office, Barangay Office, BIR, SSS, Phil-health, Pag-IBIG Fund.
  • Can I open a bank account, and how?
    Yes. Opening a business bank account can be easy when you have all the necessary documentation. For both a Sole Proprietorship and a Corporation, you may need the following: Tax Identification Number Articles of Organization or Certificate of Name Registration Photo ID issued by a government or government agency Banking Resolution Alien Certificate of Registration or foreign signatory. Treasurer-in-Trust Fund Additional for representative office
  • How can I reach you?
    You may call or text us at: +63 9778502357 Or send us an email at: You may also follow us in our social media account: Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin
  • Do you have digital files of my company registration?
    Yes. Our business model is to limit the use of paper. All our filings and records of your business are securely scanned and stored in highly-secured and encrypted cloud storage. We will give you link access to your cloud folder.
  • How much will it cost me to register a business in the Philippines?
    Manila Consultants charges as low as P25,000 for complete registration from company name reservation to Pag-IBIG Fund registration. But it can be as low as P5,000 if you just want your company name legally registered with a government agency, and we can direct you on succeeding steps which you can do yourself. Filing fees vary from a government agency to a government agency. If you have a question about a specific agency, please email or contact us at +639778502357.
  • How soon can the government approve my business registration?
    Incorporation times vary from city to city. But as far as the DTI and SEC are concerned, our current lead time is two days for DTI and 10 working days. Feel free to contact us by email or at +639778502357 for information on specific city processing times.
  • There are things I need to change in my order. Is there a cost for a revision?
    If you need to change your order, please contact a client representative at +639778502357 or email as soon as possible. After reviewing the original order and the change you want to make, an estimate of the cost for the difference (if any) will be provided to you.
  • Why are there additional fees for government registration?
    At the time of your ordering, we do not let you disclose your investment decisions on business purposes, capitalization, and certain corporate housekeeping matters. Our consultants will have to properly advise you on issues affecting capitalization, share structure, organization, and partnership agreements because they can affect how you run your business and comply with government regulations. Only after you've made those decisions can we go to each government agency to order a quote on their fees. We always give our clients a clear and definite timetable for communicating those government fees. Also, for foreigners, if you signed up for the Manila Consultants Registered Agent Service, you will be charged for this service when the SEC grants your company a License to Operate business. This recurring fee will be automatically charged to your account for each period the service is active unless you change your Registered Agent with the SEC or dissolve your company.
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